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Ray-Ban Stories: Features, pros and cons
Lens and frame design and fit Ray-Ban Stories frames
Key points: A Facebook account is required to set up your Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. Other than that, the social media platform seems to have little influence on the smart glasses. You have the ability to take pictures and videos by clicking a button on the side of the frames. You can also manage audio and phone calls by tapping or sliding along the frame arms. Ray-Ban Stories are a stylish and cool gadget to own, but are not a practical replacement for your daily prescription glasses. First impressions Packaging Packaging for Ray-Ban Stories is what you’d expect for any Ray-Ban product: Classic, sleek and high-quality. The shrink-wrapped outer box indicates which product you ordered — I got the Round frames in Olive. Ray-Ban Stories packaging Once you open that box, you have another box that holds the Ray-Ban Stories case, pouch and charging cord. The inside of the case is molded to hold the frames snuggly, and doubles as a charging base for the glasses. So, rather than plugging the glasses into a charger, you plug in the case, which charges the glasses when they’re inside. Ray-Ban Stories case with charging capabilities Setup To set up your Ray-Ban Stories, you must first download the View app, which is where the photos and videos you take with the glasses are stored. In the app, you’re required to log in to a Facebook account. I wasn’t too thrilled about this, as I’m not very active on Facebook. I didn’t want every picture or update I had with the glasses to be broadcast on my Facebook page. Fortunately, logging in to Facebook once during the initial setup was the only time I saw anything related to the social media platform. They don’t pressure you to post things or send unwanted notifications, which was a welcomed surprise. Once you’re logged in to Facebook, the app provides a helpful step-by-step guide for connecting the glasses to your phone.
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